Crystal Palace Weekend

     It’s been said before, this season has been beyond so many of our expectations. From attendance to the marching, the surge of membership to the start of charity work, and even how well the team is playing, it’s been an incredible inaugural season so far for Die Innenstadt and FC Cincinnati alike. Out of the many headlines and news items that seem to come out and dominate the local press every week, one of the bigger announcements was that of Crystal Palace. 

     In its inaugural season in the third tier of American soccer, FC Cincinnati will be hosting members of the top flight English Premier League: Crystal Palace. The visiting club dates back to 1905. Palace has spent the vast majority of their existence in the top two flights of English football. Most recently, they finished 15th out of 20 in league standings and advanced to the FA Cup final, although they were defeated by Manchester United. Nevertheless, Palace features a storied history and strong fan base, many of whom are traveling to North America. 

     The matchup against our “‘Boys in ‘Blurange’” will be the second of three matches for Palace as they spend some time across the pond. They’ll also be facing MLS’ Philadelphia Union and Vancouver Whitecaps, but Saturday night they’ll be welcomed to the beautiful Queen City and the "Coliseum on Corbett" where The Bailey has been sold out for weeks and Nippert could be packed with a capacity crowd. 

     We’re starting things a little earlier than normal and have a lot of cool things going on to celebrate. 

    -    As usual, we’ll be at Mecklenburg Gardens, except this time we’ll be starting at Noon. Here's the Facebook link. 
    -    Meck will have their wonderful food and buffet available as well as all the excellent local, domestic, and international beer that your heart desires. The biergarten, inside bar, and back bar will all be open along with air conditioned areas. 
    -    We’ll be joined many Crystal Palace fans as Mecklenburg will be serving as Palace’s official “Pre-match Fan Zone.”
    -    We’ll be giving away some cool free stuff. 
    -    Free photo booth available to document the fans and the day. 

    We’ll be doing our usual march to the stadium, encouraging any and all Palace fans to join us. From there we’ll take our place in The Bailey and watch as FC Cincinnati faces off against the Eagles of the EPL. 

     Fireworks follow the match and of course, you know you’ll be able to find most of us at Mecklenburg enjoying a few more drinks to close out the historic evening. 

     See you this Saturday!

     Juncta Juvant