Louisville Travel Plans

After this current string of home matches, FC Cincinnati will be hitting the road to Louisville for the Dirty River Derby's second round (of three) on Saturday, June 25th. Although Louisville City FC won the first matchup 3-2, we're hoping that the Orange & Blue can deliver a road win in similar fashion. 

If you're looking to head down and join up with fellow Cincy supporters, here's the travel plans: 

LCFC's front office has been kind enough to reserve certain sections specifically for visiting FCC fans. If you're looking to get a ticket in one of these sections, you can do so by visiting this link and entering the code FCC2016. What originally started as one section has now become three, so be sure to join us in cheering on the boys in hostile territory. 

If you're not looking to drive down, our friends at Rhinehaus have also been awesome enough to organize a bus trip to get you there and back again. You can visit this link and purchase either a combination game ticket/bus ticket or simply just a ticket for the bus ride to and from. 

Keep in mind: the bus will be leaving Rhinehaus promptly at 2:30 PM and should arrive in Louisville at 4:30 PM. 

You also don't have to be a DI member to take advantage of the bus. Everyone is welcome!

While some are planning to tailgate in Slugger Field's parking lot, others plan to meet up with the Coopers, one of Louisville's supporters groups, at Against the Grain Brewery nearby. 

So with that in mind, if you plan to join us, here's where we'll be sitting:

Remember, Louisville City plays on a minor league baseball diamond and Slugger Field is home to our Reds' AAA affiliate the Louisville Bats. With the seats reserved for us, we'd have a great view of left field and maybe even catch a fly ball or two. However, since this is soccer in a baseball stadium, we'll be at a bit of a weird angle. Nevertheless, it'll be great to be surrounded by fellow visiting fans. We have a habit of breaking league attendance records (with crowds of 23,375 and 20,497), maybe we can help Lou City break their personal record of 8,414.

All joking aside, Louisville and its fans have garnered a great reputation in the USL. I had the pleasure of meeting several when they came to visit Cincinnati earlier this season. I'm looking forward to seeing those folks and seeing our team on the road. The matchup is sure to be competitive as LCFC currently stands at the top of the Eastern Conference standings and as we contend for the Dirty River Derby.

TRAVEL TIP: If you're in the mood for some local food while visiting, Louisville features a Hard Rock Cafe! Just in case you want to remember what the 90's were like and munch on exotic cuisine such as "Red Hot Chili Poppers."

See you on June 25th in the Slugger Field cheap seats!