T2 Terminated, Hammerheads Up Next

I couldn't make it to Rhinehaus this past weekend; I had to work. While everyone in the break room seemed to be excited for the return of Game of Thrones, I was much more interested in FC Cincinnati's match against Toronto 2. I tuned in on my phone while the rest of Die Innenstadt gathered in OTR.  I'm not sure what was better: Omar Cummings scoring a goal within three minutes of his FCC debut or Mitch Hildebrandt's Sports Center Top Ten goalkeeping.  

That was a big win, a great way to come back after the Louisville match. Two-ronto is a decent squad. To use one last Arnold Schwarzenegger related pun ala my last post: "they'll be back." Toronto FC II pays us a visit this June. Until then, hopefully the momentum carries into this weekend against the Wilmington Hammerheads.

Wilmington Hammerheads FC has been in existence since 1996. They're a club that has had some surprising success in the US Open Cup while facing many ups and downs over the years. They didn't play in 2010 and in 2015 they had an abysmal year finishing in last place with only 3 wins, 10 draws, and a staggering 15 losses. This season has started a lot better for them though; they're currently 2-2-1 with 7 points, two behind FCC. If you happened to catch Wilmington's recent game against New York Red Bulls 2, you would have seen them fall by 1 to the visitors. You also probably noticed the gridiron lines on the field and the football goalposts that are only partially removed. 

Averaging around 2,960 fans in the 2015 season, the sharks will be coming to Nippert where there are no American football markings on the field and where there'll probably be well more than 3,000 people in the stands. While we hope FCC can keep up the momentum on the pitch, I'm hoping locals of the Queen City will keep the support coming at Nippert this weekend. Two weeks ago we broke the regular season attendance record with over 20,000 in attendance. I'm confident the stands of Nippert will remain packed and provide an intimidating atmosphere for a team from a North Carolina vacation town.

Some other stuff to get you ready for this Saturday:

  • Our vice president Timo Breitenstein was interviewed on Cincinnati Soccer Talk this week. Check it out here and tune in regularly; these guys do a great show.  
  • As is the new norm, we'll be getting together at Mecklenburg Gardens before the match. We'll be there from 3 PM until we march up to Nippert. Link.
  • Saturday is also the University of Cincinnati's commencement. Unless you know someone graduating, all this really means to you is that traffic will probably be awful. Be smart, arrive early, and come fill up Nippert. The club put out some helpful parking tips here, but the best way to enjoy things is to come hang out with us beforehand.

Let's go shark hunting.   

Ronny Salerno is a founding member of Die Innenstadt as well as an author and photographer who appreciates history and Waffle House coffee

Tom Niehaus is an awesome guy who edits these posts for him and offers creative contributions.