Introducing Die Innenstadt!


Welcome to the newest FCC supporters group! A group of passionate fans banded together in early December 2015 to establish a unique supporters group. Aside from being passionate about FCC, the one thing we all have in common is that we love the center of the city. Sometimes this is referred to as downtown, other times as the inner city, and occasionally as the urban basin. These neighborhoods in the inner city represent some of the oldest architecture, deepest history, and most passionate civic boosters in the region. Because of our strong pull to the urban basin, we decided a name that reflects where our heart is would be the best.

We are proud to announce that "Die Innenstadt" [pronounced dee inn-enn-shtat] is the name of this new group. Die Innenstadt translates from German to mean "the inner city". This reflects the history of Cincinnati - in particular the urban core - for it's overwhelming German heritage and influence. The name is also a direct reference to where we will meet before and after matches, as well as host various events throughout the year.

The core neighborhoods of Die Innenstadt include the Central Business District, Over-the-Rhine, Queensgate, Pendleton, and West End. Paired with parts of Fairview, Clifton Heights, Lower Price Hill, and Mt. Auburn, these neighborhoods are the historic center of the city. We are looking to channel the energy of the city's urban core to boost the club and the community.

An annual membership will include a unique scarf each year and various special events available only to members and will only cost $20. Residency within the boundaries of Die Innenstadt is not required to become a member - we only ask that you find a sense of community within the group. Membership is also not required to attend pre-game or post-game events or to interact with the organization.

We will have an open social at Rhinegeist on Friday, January 22 at 6:00 pm for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the group or meeting other FCC fans! We hope to see everyone there!

We will update you when we have further developments! Until then, please feel free to follow us on various social media platforms and ask us any questions. We are looking forward to our inaugural season in the United Soccer League.


Facebook: Die Innenstadt
Twitter: @DieInnenstadt
Instagram: DieInnenstadt