Why "Die Innenstadt?"
Our group pulls inspiration from our city's inner city neighborhoods. These are the neighborhoods with the most iconic buildings, richest history, and strongest energy in the city. We feel a connection to these neighborhoods. To reflect the history of the city, and because it sounds cool, we chose to use German for "The Inner City" to let everyone know who we are.

So, how do you pronounce that?
Basically, "dee inn-enn-shtaht". 

How do I become a member?
2019 Memberships are available in our online store here, or in person at any of our events. You can see our events on Facebook here. We will update our events as soon as we have plans finalized each week. 

How much is membership?
$20 will give you membership with Die Innenstadt for the season. Included with the membership is a unique scarf design each year and member-only privileges.

I bought stuff on your store. Why is it taking forever to ship to me?
All our merchandise is handled by the board of directors. The designs come from our members, and we get them in batches from a local screen printing shop. Because we are volunteers, sometimes life needs our attention and prevents timely shipping. 2019 scarves will be delayed, as they should come in to us sometime in January and shipping will be soon thereafter. For items in stock, all shipping orders will be fulfilled once per week on Wednesdays. The cutoff for these weekly shipments is 9pm on Tuesday nights. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the following week.

Do I have to become a member to go to events?
Matchday activities are open to anyone! You can come out and see what we are up to before becoming a member. Other non-matchday events are open to everyone as well, such as tifo painting nights and any community involvement/volunteer events. The annual end-of-year party in December is pretty much the only thing that is limited to people who are current on their membership.

Do I have to be 21 to participate?
You don't have to be 21 to be a member of Die Innenstadt. Some of our events will take place at bars, and so some events will inevitably be limited. We welcome anyone to join, but there are logistical/legal reasons why you might not be allowed to participate in everything. Those under 21 are allowed to attend the pre-game tailgate at Mecklenburg Gardens and the away game matches at rhinehaus.

Is Die Innenstadt affiliated with the club?
No. A group of about 8 first met in December 2015 to create a unique experience that we felt was lacking at the time. The club found out about us at the same time as everyone else.

Who is in charge here, anyway?
We are organized into a board with a President, Vice President, and seven At-Large Board Members. Elections take place at an annual party in November.
Jared Handra - President
Bob Brumberg - Vice President

Ryan Lammi - Board Member
Claire Hughes - Board Member
Richard "Chipp" Knudsen - Board Member
Christina Koplyay - Board Member
Blake Lane - Board Member

Ronny Salerno - Board Member
Jeremy Schulz - Board Member

How can I get more involved?
Aside from becoming a member, you can email us by clicking on the email icon at the bottom of the screen. We are always looking to improve ourselves as a supporters' group and we're all in this together! We could use photographers, videographers, writers, web developers, graphic designers, poets, brewers, etc. If you have a skill you think we could use, let us know! Download the Slack app for your phone once you become a member and join the discussions about gameday experience. Got an idea for a flag, 2-pole, or banner? Come to any of the tifo nights, and we can help you bring that dream to life! For that matter, come to any of the tifo nights to help bring the giant tifos themselves to fruition.

I'm with a business who wants to help out, what can I do?
We would love to talk about ways we can work together. We don't really accept sponsors, but we would be happy to accept food, drinks, supplies, or member discounts from businesses who want to support us. Send us an email we'll talk about it.

You didn't answer my question!
Contact us by email, Twitter, or Facebook and we will be happy to answer any more questions!