The Die Innenstadt Board of Directors

Get to know the leadership of Die Innenstadt! There are a total of 9 people on the board, which consists of a President, Vice President, and 7 general at-large Board Members.


Jared Handra

He has the hair


Bob Brumberg

He carries the beat.

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Blake Lane

He has the vision.


Christina Koplyay

She guides our image.


Claire Hughes

She keeps us on track.


Jason Napora

Jason “Old Man Schindler” Napora is an Old Man Ultra. (His words, not mine.)


Ronny Salerno

He is our Voice.


Ryan Lammi

Ryan is the founder of Die Innenstadt, and has served as our president for three seasons (2016, 2017, 2018).


Ziggy Zibrowski

I guess he also has a megaphone.


Past Board Members

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Chipp Knudsen

Chipp was a board member for the last two years of our USL stint, and helped guide the youngins on the board. It’s all up to Old Man Schindler now.


Jeremy Schulz

He brings the art to life, and has facilitated a vast majority of the 2-poles and banners that grace the stadium on matchday. Though no longer on the board, it’ll be business as usual. See you at tifo night!


Timo Breitenstein

One of the original board members, Timo served on the board for the first two years of our existence. Taught us how to be real Ultrazzzzz.